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How it Works

The Meditherm Med2000 is an infrared scanning device used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are visualized in color on a monitor. This visual image graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram. The spectrum of colours indicate an increase or decrease in the amount of infrared radiation being emitted from the body surface. Since there is a high degree of thermal symmetry in the normal body, subtle abnormal temperature changes can be easily identified. DITI can provide information about an animals response to treatment as well as the effects of injury, disease or prescribed treatment.


Clinical Application Using DITI


Skin blood flow is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system. In normal subjects (asymptomatic) there is a symmetrical dermal pattern which is consistent and reproducible for any individual. This is recorded in precise detail to a temperature sensitivity of 0.01°C by the Meditherm 2000™ DITI system.The neuro-thermography application of DITI measures the somatic component of the sympathetic nervous system by assessing dermal blood flow. The sympathetic nervous system is stimulated at the same anatomical location as its sensory counterpart and produces a 'somato sympathetic response'. The somato sympathetic response appears on DITI as a localized area of altered temperature with specific features for each anatomical lesion.



Multiple Scans are taken that show comparative functioning across specific areas of the horse. When the technician identifies problem areas, additional angles may be needed for further review. The scans are then uploaded for Electronic Medical Interpretation by a board certified Thermologist/Veterinarian. A full report is then issued and the owner can work with their veterinarian on a course of treatment and rehabilitation.



Reports are submitted to a board certified Thermologist/Veterinarian for analysis. They will identify areas of concern and write back with their observations. Customer will receive a copy of  the report along with a CD of the scans. Reports are usually returned within 1-2 business days. Options for a rush return are available at an additional charge.

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